Lifestyle spaces and multi-concept stores in Singapore: Monument Lifestyle, The Moon, The Social Space, and more

Lifestyle spaces and multi-concept stores in Singapore: Monument Lifestyle, The Moon, The Social Space, and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

What is it about a lifestyle space that makes it so enticing to enter? We know what to expect in regular stores — from retail to restaurant — all perfectly lined up in rows of shophouses or shopping malls. What we don't expect, however, is to enter a retail store and catch glimpse of baristas working their magic behind a coffee counter. Or spy an assortment of cakes at the back of a bookstore. Enter the beauty of multi-concept stores; where you'll find yourself constantly surprised by the myraid of activities after walking through the doors.

Whilst waiting for the coffee to be done, you could peruse that dress you'd be eyeing in the front window, or pick up a new read that piqued your interest. It's an all-in-one encompassing space for you to discover. And the seasonal cherry on top? It reminds us of a time once spent travelling abroad; when it was more than common to see a bakery, a souvenir shop and a backyard garden all in a single address So perhaps it's a minor side effect of missing all those pitstops we'd made amidst long drives overseas, which brings us to this list of lifestyle places in Singapore. Hopefully, we can update this space soon as more come through on our shores.

The Social Space

All whilst doing good for the planet. The Social Space is exactly what it purports to be in its name. By converting their 'space' into a multi-concept store where you can not only grab brunch, but shop in their fair trade retail area and do your nails, the store explores the way we shop and interact with people around us. Their space is often used for pop-up events as well: all helping to drive a similar sentiment – one of sustainability, and social consciousness — through the conversations held during the prolonged time spent in the multi-faceted space.

Visit The Social Space at #01-14 333 Kreta Ayer Rd

Monument Lifestyle

Here's one for the lads. Inspired by the laidback Californian lifestyle, the store's concept began as a part-retail and part-cafe space for the married couple cum founders. And the good part? Their retail section has a strong focus on menswear, communicating their desire to surround themselves with the things they care about and believe is important for living a simple, good life everyday. The atmosphere emanates through the space, completed with coffee and pastries for a languid day in town.

Visit Monument Lifestyle at 75 Duxton Rd

The Moon

Bookworm alert. Located in Chinatown, The Moon's prime focus is well, you guessed it — books. Their curation process is extensive, and their priority? Authors or creators who have historically been excluded from the mainstream. Their selection of books are usually written by individuals who have often been marginalised by society: including women, queer individuals, writers of color etc. Although you're first enthralled by the overwhelming selection of stories to choose from, the space also leads into a cafe counter and even an event space where they hold all sorts of events — from poetry nights to cat adoption drives.

Visit The Moon at 37 Mosque Street (059515).

In Good Company ION

Looks good, smells great. You may be walking past the homegrown brand... until you smell the wafting aroma of baked goods. Yes, this In Good Company hideout stashes a hidden Plain Vanilla Cafe. With an eye for design; from its foliage interior to its retail cafe concept, the store creates an environment that allows you to shop leisurely — and tuck into some delectable cupcakes along the way too.

Visit In Good Company at #B1-06 ION Orchard.

Muji Jewel

When it comes to bettering our everyday home spaces, there are few stores that pop up in our minds, and one of them is definitely the renowned Japanese retail brand. By conjoining both their food cafe and their retail space that features a range — from home furniture to clothing — this two-storey Muji store at Jewel is yet another one to linger. Their cafe space features a hidden lounge area in the back that is furnished with cushion seats and floor tables to relax with a coffee or two.

Visit Muji at Changi Airport Jewel #02-227.