Krug 2002: A perfect balance of insolent elegance and vivacity

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Krug 2002: A perfect balance of insolent elegance and vivacity
After 14 years in the cellar, the long-awaited Krug 2002 is finally ready to make its debut

The House of Krug has always taken pleasure in taking the unorthodox route. They don't believe in serving their champagne in a flute (they have their own glassware designed by Riedel) and don't believe in splashing their name across flashy events. They're all for the discrete pleasure of enjoying a fine bottle of champagne, typically marked by Krug's hallmark bouquet of elegance and intensity, in the company of like-minded #KrugLovers — of which there are many. Serge Gainsbourg, one of France's most beloved bad boys, professed to drinking only Krug when it came to champagne (he was also partial to a well-shaken Gibson cocktail). Just a week ago at Paris Men's Fashion Week, Krug emerged as the champagne of choice for Dior. 

This year, Krug has finally released its long-awaited 2002 vintage, proving the adage that good things certainly come to those who wait. On the nose, this vibrant champagne charms with an almost masculine presence of fruits of all types, one tinged with notes of liquorice and light chocolate biscuit. The fruity motif carries right onto the palate, melding red, white, and citrus fruits that segue into a long finish. 

Krug 2002

If each Krug vintage strives to reveal the expression of the particular year, then Krug's 2002 vintage is rightly dubbed as an ode to nature — one back-dropped with a generous climate that hugged the grapes with warmth and a nuturing touch of dryness. Compared to 2003, where unusually warm temperatures caused the grapes to lose their finesse, 2002 was a year of salvation, a year that saw all the ideal conditions for grape maturation come together.

We savoured our glass of Krug 2002 against the deep, lush flesh of Challans duck and beautifully wilted figs, a masterful dish prepared by Chef Kirk Westaway of JAAN. The vivacity of the champagne played off well against the robust flavours of this dish, holding its own long after the plate was emptied.


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Text: Denise Kok

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