Healthful pick-me-up: Our very own Buro Juice

Healthful pick-me-up: Our very own Buro Juice

Nutty goodness

Text: Denise Kok

Created by Juice Junkie, this guilt-free concoction pulls together some of our favourite ingredients

Now that we have our very own Buro tea, we thought it high time to have a chilled beverage to call our own, and who better to turn to than Melissa Cheong and Roxanne Liao — the power duo at Juice Junkie? They might be only 27 this year, but their little shop along Duxton Road has been the go-to spot for yogis and suits alike looking for a healthful pick-me-up. 

Decorated with wooden crates proferring all manner of fresh fruit and herbs, Juice Junkie beckons with virtuous temptations. From vegetable-forward concoctions to vibrant fruity mixes, you'll find Juice Junkie's lineup of juices cold-pressed from fresh, organic ingredients. Doctor Rabbit, an all-vegetable juice packed with celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, romaine, and spinach, might reign as one of their most popular juices, but it was White Bunny — a nut milk based drink — that caught our eye.

For our very own Buro juice, we knew we wanted to go with a nut milk base. From soy lattes to the perfect canvas for crunchy granola, nut milk's the dairy-free milk alternative that we can all get behind. Lactose intolerant? These low-calorie and nutrient-rich milks won't cause your system to freak out. On the contrary, they bring with them a whole lot of vitamins E and A, along with a good dose of protein and calcium. 

After tinkling in their recipe lab, Roxanne and Melissa returned to us with an almond-based nut milk flavoured with vanilla beans. To that, they added agave for a touch of sweetness, himalayan salt to balance the agave, and cinnamon to have you coming back for more than just a sip. Packed with proteins, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, this winning juice is set to be the yin to all that alcohol yang that we serve up at our Buro events. 

Loved the Buro juice by Juice Junkie? Head down to Juice Junkie at #01-02, 68 Duxton Road to try more juices. Tel: 9177 1489.