ICYMI: What went down at Buro. Hangouts, our first-ever virtual event

ICYMI: What went down at Buro. Hangouts, our first-ever virtual event

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We get it, self-isolation is hard. Cabin fever, loneliness, anxiety, and sadness can surface when we're holed up at home, staring at the same four walls day in, day out. But for the good of humanity, social distancing is what the world needs right now. So, to spread some love and joy, we held a little virtual event last week with Buro. Malaysia to keep you connected and entertained in this trying time. Behold, Buro. Hangouts!

We had 10 incredible acts, spread across four virtual rooms: Get Moving for workouts, Laugh Out Loud for stand-up comedy, Be Still for relaxation, and This Sounds Like for all things tunes. Below, a peek into the activities:

Get Moving

Gym closures? No problem. Thanks to the folks at boOm Singapore and Motion Lab (Malaysia), we got our asses off our couches and onto our mats for HIIT and yoga. Victoria Martin and Bryan Tay got us huffing and puffing from 9.30am with their cardio and resistance exercises, while Maggy Wang from Malaysia took us through a killer session of Animal Flow. Both workouts are equipment-free, so we had no excuse not to, well, get moving. Want to see more of them? The team behind boOm Singapore and Motion Lab have been going hard with the IG Live workouts to keep you in shape.

Laugh Out Loud

They say there's no better medicine than the gift of laughter. Lucky for us, Kuah Jenhan and Rahat Kapur (our newest dating columnist, watch out!) were there to deliver some much-needed chuckles. The popular Malaysian comedian delighted us all with his quick quips and one-liners, and Rahat sent us snickering through her evening session with her dating stories and witty opinions. Oh, what fun!

Be Still

Amidst the storm, we found a little peace and calm with Dian Lee and Christina Shiu. We were whisked away by Dian's velvet voice to better places and mental spaces in a meditation session and were treated to the therapeutic sounds of Christina's singing bowls (she had more than 10 of them on set) right after. If just one day of professional de-stressing isn't enough, Dian is doing an IG Live meditation session every night, or better yet, pop into Christina's studio The Singing Bowl Gallery for a sound bath.

This Sounds Like

Pahang-born singer-songwriter and rapper SonaOne was the first in our lineup to take over our "virtual stage" on Friday evening with his hit "No More" and other favourites such as "Redrum", "Cold", "I Don't Care" and, of course, his new single "Bomba". Our very own and very beautiful Narelle Kheng then followed with her newest and latest including "Outta my Head" and even a mesmerising cover of Shawn Mendes' "Lost in Japan". We capped off the night with Charlie Lim, who covers his popular hits including "Bitter" to the swoons of his fans. What's truly heartwarming was that all three artistes stayed in the room — together with the rest of us common folk — for each other's live sets, sending heart-eyes and clapping emojis to each other. The room was buzzing with community love, and world felt momentarily right again.

A big thank-you to everyone, including our wonderful audience, for making our first-ever Buro. Hangouts a roaring success. Watch this space for more exciting online activities!

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