Haikus for the end of summer

Haikus for the end of summer


Text: Norman Tan

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A collection of haiku poems as a tribute to summer

Summer is coming to an end. As we jet back from the Mediterranean, saunter back into the city after lazy beach days in Bali, or simply rejoin the masses after escaping the office by staying home, here's a collection of haiku poems intended to reminisce, savour, and capture the spirit of the holiday summer season.

For the purists, Japanese haikus should follow a traditional formula — three non-rhyming lines ordered into five, seven, and five syllables per line respectively — but these are guides rather than binding rules. The leitmotif? Haikus tend to reflect upon everyday experiences (with a tendency to reference nature) and usually juxtapose two ideas or images.

I challenge you: Pull out a piece of paper, open up a blank document, and craft your own haiku. It's remarkably therapeutic, and from experience, rather revealing.

Cumulus clouds and blue sky — Summer Haiku Poems by Norman Tan

the hot summer sun
darkening pale tender skin
curling my watch strap

night and day
the rhythm of crashing waves
measured in read pages

Rio de Janeiro Aerial beach Shot — Summer Haiku Poems by Norman Tan

beasts and battles
I see the world in wonder
shifting in white clouds

the sound of thunder
rain breaking on barren ground
healing hardened hearts

a sky full of stars
creation sings your praises
32,000 feet high

Starry night sunset sky — Summer Haiku Poems by Norman Tan

scars and bruises
a history of violence
Netflix and chill

from darkness to light
heavens ablaze with glory
crackling wildfire

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