Gryphon Tea: Lily of the Field

Gryphon Tea: Lily of the Field

Deep steep

Text: Denise Kok

The homegrown tea company’s latest addition gives us good reason to fall in love with oolong all over again

Our eternal summer calls for plenty of hydration and our favourite way to do so involves steeping and imbibing one of Gryphon Tea's latest creations. Going by the name of 'Lily of the Field', the oolong-based tea blend draws its inspiration from the fabled hanging gardens of Babylon. The masterfully blended tea sings with nuanced floral notes of lilies and hyacinths, one that marries especially well with the full-bodied Four Seasons oolong tea tinged with a honeyed edge. The addition of eucalyptus adds a refreshing vivacity to the amber coloured brew and we'll recommend enjoying the tea hot, with a slice of pear tarte tartine or cucumber sandwiches on the side.

Lily of the Field can also be a useful addition to your next boozy brunch. Here's a cocktail recipe from the good folk at Gryphon Tea that will help to keep the conversation flowing.


120ml Gryphon Lily of the Field Tea

15 ml Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka

15 ml Cointreau

5 ml Védrenne Blue Caracao Syrup

5 ml Védrenne Vanilla Syrup

5 ml Lime Juice Concentrate

1 tspn Sugar Syrup

To create:

Steep Gryphon Lily of the Field Tea in 120 ml of hot water
 for 6 minutes. Strain and chill. Add remaining ingredients and tea into shaker and top with ice. Shake and strain into glass.

Serve chilled.