Fancy VIP access to the Grammys or Paris Fashion Week? This bespoke agency has got you covered

Fancy VIP access to the Grammys or Paris Fashion Week? This bespoke agency has got you covered

Dream big

Text: Janice Sim

The best kind of gifts are at times, intangible

What do you give someone that has everything?

You could buy them more of what they already have (after all, there's no such thing as too many pairs of shoes), or you could exceed their expectations, and emerge victorious as the world's best gifter with this bespoke gifting service.

Introducing Jetsetters, a luxurious service full of with extraordinary, curated experiences that would make the perfect gift to your  future wifey, business partner, or even yourself.

What's in a Jetsetters experience? Anything and everything beyond your wildest dreams — in full-fledged VIP style. The elite team represents a pool of over 128 suppliers and 36 concierges across the globe, and serve up a bundle of experiences including access to award shows, film festivals, fashion shows, and global sporting events like Wimbledon, amongst others.  

Jetsetters Grammys 2018

For instance, you could be one of the lucky few to catch the Grammys 2018 at Madison Square Garden and witness your favourite performers live in action. That's not all — your experiences comes with a long list of other special entitlements like delectable meals at award-winning restaurants, exclusive invitations to after-parties, while travelling in a spiffy Mercedes Benz S-Class. The best part is, each and every one of these experiences can be customised and altered according to your preferences.

Jetsetters experiences

Not a fan of award shows? No problem. The brillance of Jetsetters lies in its variety of services that will tickle the fancy of just about anybody. Gourmands can look forward to a gastromonical journey at six of the world's best 50 restaurants in 2017, while style mavens can score seats to their favourite designers' shows during New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week. 

Now this is what we call a gift that's impossible to refuse. Jetsetters experiences

Up for an unforgettable experience? Visit Jetsetters here.