Globe Trotter: London and Beyond

Globe Trotter: London and Beyond

Travel mate

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

The brilliance of British craftsmanship

Back in the late 19th and early 20th century, these boxy trunks were all the rage as trusty travel companions. The Globe Trotter — a British brand first established in 1897 — is one of the few that still creates these hardcover leather luggages; harking back to a time before the skies were our preferred mode of travel.

Be it a personal investment, or a gift for the jetsetter who never seems to have enough travel bags, you can find a selection of stylish and refined luggage bags that will blend seamlessly into your travel wardrobe. The Globe Trotter Collection comes in five different sizes and a variety of colours, blending old world charm with modern additions such as wheels for easy portability. 

From Sir Edmund Hilary as he scaled the Mt Everest to Winston Churchill performing his duties as a Chancellor of the Exchequer, and even Queen Elizabeth herself as she set off on her honeymoon, the Globe Trotter has enjoyed a storied history. The latest purveyour to bring the spotlight back on this reliable classic design is James Bond in Spectre. Out in theatres later this year, the luggage bags will accompany the international super spy as he saves the world one Martini at a time.

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