Father's Day gift ideas for Dad: Apple AirTag, Our Place Always Pan, and more

Father's Day gift ideas for Dad: Apple AirTag, Our Place Always Pan, and more

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Text: Brandon Alexius Chia

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Procuring a good gift for our mothers is easy. Most mums are decisive, albeit rather critical when it comes to the things they love. But dads are a whole different breed because they are usually easier to please and often you'll hear the age-old nonchalant response of "I don't need anything." But we all know better, it is simply code for "I don't know what I want". Thankfully, we have a few ideas, that might be able to make the (first) man in your life pretty chuffed this Father's Day.

For the forgetful fathers:
Apple AirTag

Unfortunately, they ain't getting any younger. Our parents are constantly stressed out about finances, work, and most importantly their kiddos. Forgetting simple things like their car keys, wallets, and smartphone from time to time can be expected. Although the tag is small, it could save dads the hassle of walking around the entire house finding their misplaced items. Rather than just a coin-shaped piece of technology, this would make everyday life way more convenient for your good ol' Man.

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For the dads who love to cook:
Our Place Always Pan

This pan has made its way to the mainstream through TikTok and we can definitely see the hype. The Always Pan is designed to replace eight different cookware such as a frying pan, a steamer, a skillet, and more. The aluminum body is lightweight and conducts heat fast while sporting two spouts on both sides to prevent big spills from happening. Our Place has a wide array of plates, cups, utensils, and even a spruce steamer attachment that will be great for cooking homemade dim sum.

For the dads who are a tad behind on technology:
Sony WF–1000XM3 earbuds

Some of our fathers are a little (or very) stubborn. They are not going to discard their wired headphones, which are also turning yellow, that came with their seven-year-old phones. In times like this, we have to take matters into our own hands and replace them with something more current. These Sony earbuds are one of the best in the market – superb musical sound quality, good noise cancelling feature, excellent battery life of six hours and 24 hours with a charging case, alongside a snug fit.

For the fathers who have no time to exercise:
Cubii Jr. Desk Elliptical With Built–In Display Monitor

This may seem like a weird gift but don't knock it till you've tried it. Working from home is comfortable but perhaps too comfortable. Sitting all day long in an office chair is definitely not the way to go, everyone needs to exercise once in a while. Our dads may not like it but they should at least be doing the bare minimum, especially if they do not want to leave the house. A desk elliptical machine is great for keeping those joints nice and active while taking up as little space as possible so it doesn't annoy anyone.

For the dads who could use an upgrade:
CANYON Pathlite 6

Okay, not all dads are inactive. Some of them love to drag us out on a perfect, cozy weekend morning to our nearest park for a workout. But why run, when you can cycle? Get yourselves a pair of Pathlite hybrid bikes that are perfect for most mixed terrains — flat roads, sand, and soil. Treat this gift as an investment for your their health and a good bonding experience for the family.

For the dads who could use some pampering:
Father's Day Indulgence at The Ritz–Carlton

Men are entitled to spoiling themselves. However, some of our dads are too self-conscious to do it or admit that they enjoy it. Splurge a little and treat them to this 90–minute men's massage and 30–minute foot massage package deal. Dads will be able to choose between a clarifying scrub or a post–shaving treatment for their faces. What's better than an experience that makes them feel like a king for a day?

For dad who love a nightcap:
The Macallan Estate

Being a parent is a tough job and sometimes they need to take the edge off, but our dads don't deserve a cheap bottle of alcohol. The Macallan Estate is a special bottle of single malt scotch from the brand, a portion of the barley grown on their Easter Elchies estate is only distilled once a year and over the course of one week. The whiskey delivers notes of citrus to balance out the dry oak flavour and wood spice — a perfect drink to celebrate the special occasion over a nice spread of food.

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