Dried flowers in homes: Where to buy stylish displays that will brighten up any room

Dried flowers in homes: Where to buy stylish displays that will brighten up any room

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Text: Eman Alami Janice Sim

Every stylish home would typically involve a touch of blooms; after all, putting aside the tchotchke intent, green has been scientifically proven to reduce our stress and anxiety. But as with everything, there's a catch — they are a losing game against the test of time. It wouldn't be long before that rosy bed of blooms withered ever so slightly before you forgot to snap a photo before the next morning came.

The recent solution as well as the latest home decor trend to emerge on Instagram, falls on dried flowers that get this, are already dead. It is a resurgence of the living dead, and as dark and taboo as that may sound, the arrangements aren't dull or lifeless but rather are surprisingly chic, vibrant, and even colourful.

There's no waste involved and they own a longer shelf-life, which spans from six months up to an entire year. Singapore-based florist, Floral Kokoro stands as living proof of how stunning dried flowers can be — well, under the right hands. Started out in New York City, founder and owner Fuiyi Chong became one of the pioneers to solely sell and popularise dried flowers in Singapore. Now, the brand ships worldwide.

Floral Kokoro

"There's a different beauty in dried flowers — we are able to see more colours, textures, and shapes that can't be found in fresh flowers. There's also the practicality of it being affordable, no-maintenance, and lasting (up to a year or more). I think people are also more conscious of the environment, as dried flowers fall into being sustainable," quips Chong.

Her business that emerged in Singapore in 2016 is dedicated to the aim of no flower spoilage. Being zero-waste, they don't take on the risk of over-ordering as with fresh flowers. Apart from that, Floral Kokoro stands out for its indivduality in every arrangement or bouquet. Chong dyes the flowers as the brand is touted for their unique hues. "Our customers love us for the colour combinations we come up with — for dried flowers, we have a wide spectrum such as neon shades, metallic, gold, and silver. We make sure that the overall tone is never flat or unbalanced — for instance, we will add cream, white, or even a subtle blush to bring out different tones of blue."

Floral Kokoro

Floral Kokoro's flowers hail from all over the world — namely US, Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, China, Singapore. Chong also relishes in crafting arrangements from quotes from poems as well as interpreting a style based off a description of the receiver. One thing's for sure, no order will turn out to be identical here.

Below, click to shop at Floral Kokoro, alongside other spots on our shores.