Introducing Sip, the coffee subscription service you’ve been waiting for

Introducing Sip, the coffee subscription service you’ve been waiting for

The cuppa life

Text: Janice Sim

You won't ever have to worry when your next coffee break will be

If coffee's the only reason why you've powered through Monday, this one's for you. Or even if you're not in it for the caffeine rush, it's easy to enjoy the daily routine of sipping on a morning espresso — or rather, as we like to call it — the elixir of life.

With an increasing number of cafes and roasteries setting up shop here, it's evident that the coffee culture in Singapore is only growing larger by the day. Here to enable this addiction even more is Sip — a monthly prepaid coffee subscription service where members can get specialty coffee at an exclusive price. 

coffee subscription service

But where at? The bevy of reputable café merchants in partnership with Sip are conveniently sprawled out across our shores —  to name a few, they include Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Oriole Coffee + Bar, A.R.C. Coffee and Necessary Provisions.

Whether you're a casual drinker or slave to the 'drug', members can first choose from three kinds of coffee plans (that range from 6 cups to 20 cups to redeem per month). Next, head down to the nearest or preferred participating café, and then select your coffee order from the site itself. Now all that's left to do is to hand your phone over to the barista to complete the transaction. 

So long five-dollar cappuccinos, it is that easy to get specialty coffees on a regular without breaking the bank. 

Keen to get started? Click here to get your Sip coffee subscription now