Christmas tree options in Singapore 2020: Where to get real trees, fake trees, or make your own

Christmas tree options in Singapore 2020: Where to get real trees, fake trees, or make your own

Deck the halls

Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: IKEA

Nothing spells Christmas like a giant tree adorned with festive ornaments and tinsel. The pine centerpiece is definitely a festive staple, and there's a version for everybody. For those whole love the fresh pine smell, live Christmas trees are definitely the ones to look out for. If cleaning out pine needles from your carpet does not sound appealing to you at all, opt for an artificial Christmas tree instead. Or, if you don't have space to fit a whole evergreen in your apartment, channel your inner Martha Stewart and make your own Christmas tree. Whichever option you choose, the best time to nab a tree is now, when many places are offering early bird discounts at an affordable rate. Below, we list down the best places in Singapore where you can get real or artificial Christmas trees, as well as some DIY options.

Real Christmas trees

Far East Flora

This famous nursery is well-loved by green thumbs for good reason, and their Christmas trees are no slouches either. Pre-book your live Noble or Nordmann firs by 30 November to enjoy the special early bird prices. Trees start from a small 4ft to a whopping 12ft tall.

Get your Christmas tree at Far East Flora here.

Prince's Landscape

Get a premium Noble fir tree from Prince's Landscape, and you can expect free delivery and setting-up services that will bring the tree directly to your living room. Once the festive season is over and you're eager to get the giant evergreen out of your house, the current promotion also includes free dismantling and disposal services as well. Best yet, they also offer a fire retardant treatment for your Christmas trees, so as to prevent any unwanted fiery accidents. Early bird promotions runs till the end of November.

Get your Christmas tree at Prince's Landscape here.

Bedok Garden & Landscaping

This no-frills garden centre offers live Christmas trees that are fresh yet affordable. Choose from a selection of Noble, Premium Noble and Nordmann fir trees, with early bird prices running from now till 30 November. Delivery, collection and disposal services are also available upon request.

Get your Christmas tree at Bedok Garden & Landscaping here.

Artificial Christmas trees

Masons Home Décor

A one-stop shop for all your Christmas decoration needs, Masons Home Décor also stocks pretty realistic-looking artificial Christmas trees. The evergreen line-up includes wide and dense trees, slimmer trees, and unconventional tree options in white, gold or pink. If you've doubts on the quality of the trees, you can even head down to their showroom for a look yourself. The artificial Christmas trees are so identical to their real life counterparts, no one will know they're fake (well, unless you get the pink one).

Get your Christmas tree at Masons Home Décor here.


For those on the hunt for an affordable faux Christmas tree option, the ones at Ikea certainly won't disappoint. The Vinter 2020 line-up has artificial trees that come in a range of varying sizes and price points. Just choose the one that best suits your house and budget, and you'll be ready to start decorating your fuss-free Christmas tree.

Get your Christmas tree at Ikea here.

Oncor Recycled Trees

Tis' the season to be sustainable. Artificial Christmas trees at Oncor are made from 100% recycled PVC plastic, which reduces the use of fossil fuels in the production process. Made to last for 30 years or more, you'll definitely be getting a bang for your buck whilst enjoying an eco-friendly Christmas. Oncor also offers one of the most extensive range of fake Christmas trees, with more than 200 options in 60 varieties for you to choose from.

Get your Christmas tree at Oncor here.

Make your own Christmas tree

DIY wall Christmas tree

Living in a small space doesn't mean you need to skip out on all the festive decorating fun. Spruce up your space for Christmas by making your very own Christmas tree...on the wall! All you'll need is green tinsel, Christmas lights, and either tacks or tape. This quick and easy method will instantly add a festive cheer to your space.

Succulent Christmas tree workshop

Opt for a non-traditional Christmas tree route by making your own tree out of succulents. This virtual workshop event includes a kit with 12 to 20 succulents, preserved moss, decorative bells, a tree base, and more. Besides step-by-step instructions in the kit, the Zoom workshop will also cover best practices for succulent care and maintenance, sun requirements, propagation, and more. You can choose from two succulent tree sizes: petite, which will be eight inches high, or tall, which will be 11 inches in height.

Cardboard Christmas tree

If you're really crafty and enjoy a handiwork challenge, have a go at making your own version of the iconic evergreen - from cardboard. Not only is this an eco-friendly option that reuses any leftover cardboard you have lying around, you can also fully customise your tree to your liking. Your Christmas tree will definitely be one-of-a-kind, all right.