Canvas House: A co-living space blanketed in white could be your next short-term accommodation in Singapore

Canvas House: A co-living space blanketed in white could be your next short-term accommodation in Singapore

Carte blanche

Text: Amelia Chia

It's safe to say that co-living has been one of the buzzwords of the last year, but here's a brand-new space like none you've ever seen before. Imagine living in a purely white space, located within one of Singapore's iconic traditional shophouses. Coined Canvas House, the co-living space by local developer Figment and Ministry of Design (MOD), the layer of white is designed to represent a canvas for the future — while rhythmically revealing parts of its past in its brick walls, ceramic plates on the wall, or details from its upcycled furniture. Most of the tables, chairs, mirrors, and vanity desks were repurposed and given a new lease of life.

Canvas House's living room

Colin Seah, founder-director of MOD — the architectural and interior design powerhouse behind the project — believes that it's about treading the line between the past and present. He says: "Our response was to layer over the existing history with a proverbial blank canvas whilst leaving choreographed glimpses into the past, blanketing both space and the furniture in it — allowing us to blur inherent boundaries between past and present, object and space."

On first impression, Canvas House is a stark beauty, and being fortunate enough to snag one of the four suites will enhance that experience even further. Ranging in size from 300 to 620 square feet, each suite comes with its own en suite bathroom and is ideal for expats or visitors looking for short-term rentals between three and 12 months.

The Alabaster Suite

Figment are experts in boutique co-living in heritage shophouses around Singapore, so rest assured all your basic (and extra) needs are met. Facilities include a shared kitchen, laundry, living and dining area, lounge with projector, and rooftop patio with a barbecue. You'll also have your suite cleaned weekly and promptly maintained, whenever required. The best part? Canvas House is located along Blair Road, which is a stone's throw away from Outram Park MRT and the likes of Nylon Coffee Roasters, so you'll have a plethora of dining options in your immediate vicinity.

The subtle, yet fascinating, details in the design process are also worth a mention. Apart from the "peek-a-boo vignettes" on the wall, we love the shadow casting in each suite, which reveals the underlay of the floor. This concept plays around with the fact that the past casts a shadow of its presence on the future, through a painted outline on the ground to create a statement.

The conceptual shadow casting on each suite floor

It doesn't truly stay a white house forever, though. Canvas House is certainly bold and conceptual, and intentionally conceived as a mise-en-scène. Once tenants have moved in, they will live out their daily life against this backdrop and progressively begin to fill their suites with their unique personal belongings. A text-based neon art piece in the dining area sums it all up: "It is a neutral white canvas for the future to be dreamt upon, rather than a wholesale homage to the past."

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