Luxury hotels by Bulgari, Fendi and Armani

Luxury hotels by Bulgari, Fendi and Armani

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Text: Denise Kok

When high jewellery and haute couture make a leap to hospitality

Bulgari Resort Bali

When your property is perched on a promontory 160 metres above the sea, you'll be wise to let nature speak for itself. Sited on the southwestern tip of Bali, Bulgari's luxe Indonesian outpost is built with a deep reverence for nature. Each of the 59 villas set against the cliff are ingeniously positioned to frame pristine views of the Indian Ocean. There's also a delightfully secluded private beach—accessible via the resort's inclined elevator—touched with nothing more than a few deck chairs. While the design of the resort is a supremely elegant marriage of traditional Balinese style and contemporary Italian sensibilities, the celebration of Indonesia's art and artisans is what's truly impressive. The woodcarvings, statues, and pots dotting the resort landscape reflect the rich heritage of craftsmen across the Indonesian archipelago. The villa-only property affords plenty of privacy, with each villa boasting its own private garden, pool, and open-air living room. Come 4 May, the resort will welcome the first overseas outpost of the Tokyo-based Bulgari II Ristorante, a Michelin-starred restaurant helmed by chef Luca Fantin. 

Armani Hotel Dubai

When fashion designer Giorgio Armani set out to build his first hotel, he certainly didn't do things by halves. He set his sights on nothing less than the towering Burj Khalifa, Dubai's iconic skyscraper which plays host to the 160-room property. The sweeping views of Downtown Dubai might draw your eye towards the superlatives, but Mr. Armani's inspiration for the hotel isn't about glorifying the codes of luxury, as it is a paean to his own personal style. Be it the Eramosa marble floors or worldly selection of books in the suites, each element in the picture is vetted by the man himself. Weary travellers need only check into the 12,000 square metre Armani/SPA, where restorative thermal baths and healthful plates are primed to tip you back into equilibrium. 

Fendi Private Suites

Fellini's Rome might be one awash with romance at every turn, but Fendi's Rome floors with equal cinematic grandeur. A visit to Fendi's flagship boutique in Rome might begin with an exploration of the brand's latest collection and end with you unwinding with a languid soak in one of seven impeccably designed suites at the Italian marquee's very first hotel. At the Fendi Private Suites, classic Fendi aesthetics extend into every element of the luxe abode. Striking accents of red Levanto marble colour the bathroom while Fendi's fur atelier turns its attention to the in-room work tablets. You'll rest your head on nothing less than Fendi Casa linen, of course. Little surprises, such as a Fendi Selleria card holder, await.