Bugaboo Bee6 stroller review: Rotating bumper bar, four-pronged harness, and more

Bugaboo Bee6 stroller review: Rotating bumper bar, four-pronged harness, and more

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Text: Crystal Lim

When it comes to young children and strollers, it's a conundrum for most parents. From safety to accessibility, there are many facets of what makes a perfect stroller. But what is commonly overlooked happens to be the contentment of the child. Not the grown-ups wheeling it. That is, if you want your kid to be nestled happily in it, so much so that he or she will be able to cooperate inside, stay put for a few good hours, just so that the parentals can have a bit of downtime.

On that note, we had a go at Bugaboo's latest Bee6, the newest addition to their range of products. Designed to go beyond strolling and made to suit every family's needs, here's what we found after a few spins.

Bugaboo City

Smooth ride

The Bee6 independent and 7inch wheels made traveling a breeze with its elevated height and smooth suspensions. It provides a nimble drive through busy indoor malls and stability while venturing outdoors through rougher terrains and slopes. The larger wheels elevates the height of the stroller, allowing a comfortable angle to hold and push even for any husband who's towering at 1.85m.

Comfortable positions

There's plenty of versatility with their ergonomic seat that can be adjusted three ways, upright sitting position, a tilted angle for leisure sit and a fully flat mode to nap comfortably. Just like sleeping in Business Class for the bubba. This a major win as we could spend longer hours outside rather than cutting back and heading home for naps. One downside? Its bulkiness even while folded did pose as excess baggage in the car boot, as compared to other cabin sized foldable strollers.


Extendable sun canopy

The extendable sun canopy was one of the largest we've seen, with wider shade but not withholding ventilation as the seat fabric is made of mesh. Together with the keyhole window at the top, it increases airflow within the stroller, making it cool in our city's humid climate.

Rotating bumper bar

The rotating bumper bar aided in easy access to load and retrieve the child. Just a simple press of the button, the bumper bar can be easily removed from one side and rotated for ample space. No jolting of the bubbas out of their slumber or bumping them against the handles during retrieval. This bar brings additional comfort and safety to the young ones as they can hold onto it while sitting upright and also act as an extra bumper for protection.

Secured four-pronged harness

The Bee6 boosted additional security with its four-pronged harness. The active child was securely strapped in when we needed to move from place to place. Works wonders for those with eager, fidgety little ones.

Bugaboo Product


Did we mention that the Bee6 was designed to grow alongside families? You can use it seamlessly from day one with the bassinet + seat till six months old and on the seat alone till the age of four.

The Bugaboo Bee6 can be found at First Few YearsMothercareMotherswork and via the Bugaboo official store.