Benefits of pure honey: The Rare Honey Company shares the secret behind the natural sweetener

Benefits of pure honey: The Rare Honey Company shares the secret behind the natural sweetener

Liquid gold

Text: Amelia Chia

When The Rare Honey Company started a few months ago in Singapore, it was born out of a dedication to bring the best Australian raw honey to Singapore. Containing only 100 percent real honey, without sugar or sugar-derived additives, all its honey is sourced from the ancient coastal forests of southwestern Australia, away from human activity, pesticides, or pollution.

The vast medicinal and healing properties of honey is one of life's greatest secrets. Not just for your toast or tea, founder and director Harry Grover wanted to expose audiences in Singapore to the benefits and genuine goodness of honey. Grover and his brothers spent much of their childhood going on bush walks in the areas where The Rare Honey Company currently source their honey from, and with that sparked a keen interest in natural foods and sustainability.

Harry Grover, founder and director of The Rare Honey Company

"The modern person is always looking for ways to enhance their vitality and improve their overall health through nutrition and exercise," says Grover. "The Rare Honey Company further expands the education and supply of authentic raw honey with quality products and dialogue that resonate with increasingly discerning consumers today, bringing them on a discovery journey to learn and enjoy the goodness of pure raw honey."

Grover's honey is pure, cold filtered, and bottled on site in Western Australia. The bee's liquid gold contains a natural enzyme called glucose oxidase, which produces a brilliant anti-bacterial agent when it comes in contact with a catalyst. For honey newbies, each bottle is given a Total Activity (TA+) rating, which can be taken as a mark of its purity — as expected, the higher the TA rating, the greater the strength of the honey. A honey with TA15+ is considered medicinal grade and employed to treat wounds, burns, skin infections, and stomach ulcers. There are three main varieties at The Rare Honey Company — The Daily Dose, suitable for everyday enjoyment; The Holistic Range, with a TA10+ rating; and The High Potency Range, with a TA20+ rating.

The Rare Honey Company's honeycomb

How do we make honey part of our daily routine and use it to its full potential? We had a chat with Grover, who gave us the all-important lowdown various types of honey. Lucky us — we're about to go into 2020 healthier and more knowledgeable than before.

1. Keeps germs at bay

The Rare Honey Company's apiarists ensure that honey is only collected from wild flowering trees, and blossoming hardwood Karri, Redgum, and Jarrah trees. The latter is a slow-growing eucalyptus tree that flowers once every two years and can live up to 1000 years — its honey have a low GI and garner a TA+ rating. Honey from the Jarrah tree is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Remember, a teaspoon a day can keep colds, flu, and tummy bugs at bay, as well as support recovery in viral and infectious diseases.

2. Relieves sore throats

We've heard this before, and Grover reaffirms this belief. All you have to do is heap two tablespoons of honey in a warm glass of water or tea, mix, and drink as needed. Parents: honey should not be given to an infant under one year of age, as it can carry bacteria that is harmful for young babies.

The Rare Honey Company's high potency range

3. Reduce redness on the skin

Your skin can turn crimson because of inflammation due to dryness or irritation by an allergen or acne. Looking for a natural remedy? Use The Rare Honey Company's The Daily Dose range and soothe skin with a honey mask. Rinse your skin with warm water, apply honey liberally, and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing off to restore calm to your complexion. If red skin persists, consider seeing a dermatologist.

4. Soothe itchy insect bites

Get your hands on The Holistic Range, and apply a small teaspoon of honey the affected site to reduce inflammation. Let it dry, and reapply as needed. It will work wonders.

The Rare Honey Company's holistic range

5. Clean small external ulcers, sores, or skin infections

Honey contains antibacterial properties and a unique pH balance that promotes oxygen and healing compounds to a wound. To reduce messiness, apply the honey to a dressing first, before placing the dressing on your skin. Then place a clean, dry dressing over the honey, such as sterile gauze pads or an adhesive bandage. Replace the dressing when drainage from the wound saturates the dressing. As the honey starts to heal the wound, dressing changes will be less frequent. If your wound is severe, it's best that a medical professional show you how to apply honey the first time, as the amount and dressing can impact how effective the wound heals.

6. Relieve nausea especially morning sickness during pregnancy

Apart from aiding digestion and reducing abdominal discomfort, studies have also shown that it may also help relieve symptoms of nausea. You might have been there — chugging eight glasses of water a day while experiencing nausea is no easy feat, so why not try apple cider vinegar and some honey next time? That might just do the trick.

For more information, visit The Rare Honey Company.