Apple's iOS 12.1 has new emojis — including a woozy face that's highly controversial

Apple's iOS 12.1 has new emojis — including a woozy face that's highly controversial

The Buro twist

Text: Janice Sim

Amidst the abyss that is Apple news, there's still something extremely compelling about the new fleet of emojis that come with the latest iOS 12.1. Sure, it might come as superfluous in light of how much bokeh you can have in a #ShotoniPhoneXS still. But if it's about to affect the way we text, it's still major news. At least to us. One in particular, stood out this time; with the whole pack of 70 new emojis unleashed.

While there's heaps to talk about (especially with newfound red packet emotions and llama antics), we were drawn to this confumbling one, while evaluating the most appropriate context to which it's best for.

Naturally, the Buro team came up with their own interpretations; because we couldn't seem to come to a consensus (as always). So pick your fancy, or agree to disagree.


"That one time a security personnel at the airport took her job of frisking way too seriously." — Janice Sim, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"When you see your boss' half-naked mirror selfie on Instagram Stories." — Vanessa Caitlin, Group Digital Creative Producer 

"When you are not sure about your BFF's new boyfriend." — Esther Quek, Editor-in-Chief 

"When you're checking out your cart online and see the shipping fee." — Sinead Lee, Beauty Writer 

"I suspect it's the face I make when a guy is so big, it feels like he's punching my uterus with his knob." — Jolene Khor, Fashion and Beauty Editor 

"When you're standing in line for the restroom and desperately need to pee. FYI: No one has exited the cubicles for the last 20 minutes" — Crystal Lee, Content and Marketing Strategist  

"When I'm about to make a really inappropriate joke, think better of it at the last-minute, but blurt it out anyway because my brain has no "unsend" function." — Ryan Sng, Fashion Writer

"When people cut their toenails, scrub their feet, wiggle their toes or generally have their corns and calluses on display in front of me. (Yes, I have feet issues.)" — Aravin Sandran, Culture Editor

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