What does a multi-dimensional dining experience entail?

What does a multi-dimensional dining experience entail?

Long live disco

Text: Angelyn Kwek Janice Sim

Trust ANDSOFORTH to put up a good show, because a four-course meal has never been more interactive, eccentric, and deliriously disco

Staged by the creative folks of nomadic restaurant, ANDSOFORTH, who brought us "Dinner in Wonderland" last year, "The Imaginarium of Disco David" is the new multi-dimensional gastronomic journey to check out. A unique dining experience tucked away in an unassuming industrial building where anything can happen — it's fun, full of surprises, and unlike any sit-down dinner at your typical fancy restaurant. Below, we recount what it was like dancing to the tune of a Saturday Night Fever themed secret dinner — replete with a kooky cast of characters-slash-hosts. (P.S. We made sure to leave out some key details and photographic evidence so as to not ruin the element of surprise for you.)


First up, welcome drinks. Looking over the bar menu and weighing the options between a red or a bubbly non-alcoholic creation named Yoda Green, our orders took a backseat when the man of the hour literally jived onto the floor. Decked out in '70s party threads with big boots and bigger hair, Disco David broke out the moves and initiated the lot of us into the fever, joined by his rival B-Boy Goliath. Amidst their swagger jagger smack talking, we had to strike a pose or two — and once we were deemed disco-ready to get on with the dining adventure, took our groove to the next psychedelic space in this five-room escapade.

Disco David dinner


Here's where we were told to slide down a obscurely narrow "rabbit-hole", which led to a tiny room filled with pool balls. Current state of mind? Still left in the dark, but very intrigued. Having made our safe (and child-like) landing, we were greeted by a lifeguard named Johnny who was equal parts bossy, cheeky and flirtatious all at the same time. In short, he's a character that's easy to love. He then takes us through a series of embarrassing routine exercises, before serving us the first course — an appetiser. Just so you know, the room is kaleidoscopically lit, so it's hard to actually see what you're eating. And don't count on Johnny to give you any answers; we're not telling either.


A chamber in stark ivory was almost too bright post-Johnny but that's just how its resident, swan ballerina Victoria White, likes it. Looking like a feathered woodland pixie of sorts, she flits around while our main course of poached fish was served. And in the capricious nature of fairies, she simultaneously goes about demanding a dance partner while espousing Disco David in between bouts of ballet stances. A meal and a dance later — yes, we all had to twirl to her satisfaction — we were shooed off as soon as Victoria got tired of our company. 

Disco David dinner


Word of advice: Don't get used to the light. Our next stop was the dark side, as led by Victoria's sister, a modern-day version of The Black Swan from Darren Aronofsky's dark lair of characters. Unlike her sister, this swan isn't smiling and almost looks like she's devoid of human emotions. But not to worry, she's still the host, and safely guided us, hand in hand to a pitch-black room. At this point, it's impossible to see anything, let alone any shadows in the dark. The second entrée was then served, as we solely relied on our other active senses like smell and taste to decipher what was exactly dished out on our plates.


It's raunchy, it's M18, and it has a sweet ending. Tuck into your last course of the night, we mean the dessert — while getting treated to an eye-opening cabaret show featuring a family of hostesses and their endless drama. We ended up enjoying every bit of it — even the naughty, flashy bits.

Disco David dinner

The Imaginarium of Disco David runs every Friday and Saturday from now till 28 October. Book your tickets here now