Alcohol delivery services to get wines, whiskies and other spirits sent to your home

Alcohol delivery services to get wines, whiskies and other spirits sent to your home

Booze on the fly

Text: Janice Sim

Getting tipsy at a bar is all fun and games, until you're forced to face the possibility of making your way home in a drunken state. Our point is, drinking at home is always more comfortable — sans the full face of makeup and the fact that you don't have to be stumbling about in 3-inch heels. It could be as easy as streaming Netflix and imbibing a glass of wine when you have an impromtu get-together at your pad. Perfect for the festive season.

Instead of relying on the nearest convenience store tipples (you deserve better), tap on these alcohol delivery services to send the booze to your doorstep.


Consider Alcohaul as your one-stop shop for all your party needs (or me-time). They've got you covered with an extensive collection of booze, tidbits and even drinking games like Drinko and everyone's favourite — beer pong. Only next-day deliveries are available at the moment.

Ring to drink

For the days you need a drink at ungodly hours, Ring to Drink is your saving grace. This around-the-clock delivery service, will swiftly deliver your drinks within an hour, FOC. To top that, you also get a free 2.5kg pack of ice with any package purchase. Prices could be a little steep but being the only 24/7 delivery service in Singapore, it's a small price to pay for the convenience.

6 Drunk Men

These guys have a stellar selection of beers for the picking. And we aren't just talking about cans and cartons, you can even get an entire keg delivered straight to your home. Orders must be made at least two working days in advance.

The Liquor Bar

So you're thinking of whipping up your own version of a mean cocktail. The Liquor Bar has a selection of spirits like Pimm's and other artisanal labels. From this online store, you can also pick up glasses and bartending tools like cocktail shakers to aid you along in your newfound craft.

Dellarosa Wine

Here at Dellarosa, fine wine and natural processes come hand in hand. This e-commerce site only works with small and medium producers that pride on creating wine that's free of pesticides and the least possible mechanical intervention from vineyard to cellar.

Dellarosa organic wines


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