Adopting a pet: What you should know, adoption process, and shelters in Singapore

Adopting a pet: What you should know, adoption process, and shelters in Singapore

Adopt, don't shop

Text: Jeway Tan

Editor: Janice Sim

Image: Instagram @causesforanimals_sg

At one point in their lives, every pet owner ultimately decides to open their heart and home to an animal. And honestly the best possible and sensible way to do so has to be adoption. By choosing that, you help make it one step closer to shutting puppy mills and inhumane breeders. The brighter side to it, is that you can also give an animal a real home, as well as the love and care it deserves.

But of course, the process isn't exactly a walk in a park. Many preparations need to be done before you can bring your furry friend to their new forever home. Most shelters would require you to prepare a couple of things before they can entrust the precious animal to you. But what's most important, is abiding by your personal checklist before making the big step.


#1 Make sure everyone at home is on board

Having a pet changes part of your lifestyle. Not everyone is able to accept that change. Before adopting, you have to make sure that your whole family is supportive of this decision. This is to prevent any future heartbreaks for both you and the animal if you have to give the animal up because of disagreements down the line.

#2 Have your home animal-proof

Make sure your home is safe for your little one, especially if they are still young. Many shelters require a home visit before allowing you to adopt; it is to survey your home and make sure that it is safe for your pet.

#3 Think about your lifestyle

This is important as it determines if your lifestyle is suitable for you to have a pet. Consider if you have the time and space for an animal. What could be beneficial is  finding a pet who has a similar energy level as you.

#4 Check your finances

Like humans, animals require regular check-ups and vaccines on top of needing food. All of these do not come cheap. It is essential to do some research and get an idea of how much it will cost you to own a pet. Even with adoption, it won't just be a small fee. This amount mainly consists of the medical bills and the microchipping that all shelter animals have to get. Along with the fee, you would be asked to fill up an adoption form, followed up with a few steps like screening the home and pending approval from the shelter.

For dogs:

Apart from SPCA, there are many other shelters that have puppies, young dogs and older dogs up for adoption like Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD)Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS)Exclusively MongrelsHOPE dog rescue. Most people would rather adopt puppies, which leaves many young and old dogs behind. If you do decide that you would rather open your home to an older dog, one that may not have much time left in its life, seek out Uncle Khoe's K9 Shelter, where older dogs are rescued and taken care of.

For cats:

Cat Welfare Society was formed by a group of friends who got together to help community cats and kittens from being abused by humans. They work alongside the government to help address cat-related problems as well as any feedback regarding rescue cats and kittens in need while maintaining community cat numbers. Other places to go include The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion of SingaporeKitten Sanctuary SingaporeCauses for Animals Singapore (CAS), and Purely Adoptions.

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Of course, shelters aren't the only gateway to adopting a pet. There are many independent rescuers and fosterer out there, who can be found on Facebook. These people rescue and save animals on their own and take care of them — by funding with their own money. If there is a will, there's always a way.