Adidas' new line of mobile accessories is what every athlete needs

Adidas' new line of mobile accessories is what every athlete needs

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Text: Rachel Ng

It's a slip-up no more with these nifty mobile accessories

Gone are the days of worrying whether your phones will survive your high-energy workouts. Indoors or outdoors, Adidas Sport's new collection of mobile gear will ensure your phones emerge as good as new — without sacrificing the focus you could've spent on nailing that burpee or sit-up

Flexible armbands and smart waist straps aside, the new collection includes Adidas’ Grip Case, which has been designed with you runners in mind. The anti-slip grip band ensures nothing short of a secure hand grip on your phone, allowing you to amp up those miles without the fear of those dreadful slippages. Running with phones in hand will no longer be that comfort or safety compromise you have to make when close strapping isn’t available. Don’t feel like going the distance? Pick a workout video and get some sweat in. A magnetic stand has been included to make this possible — any time, any place.   

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Need a little something for the rugged outdoors? Adidas has also launched the Agravic and Solo, a line of maximum protective phone cases which have been tested to stand the impacts of extreme drops. Bringing your phones along trail runs and all sorts of climbing activities won’t be as daunting as before; you may now go hard and high, in peace. Rocky terrains and granite surfaces ain't got nothing on these boys.

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The best part? You might not even get to see all that magic happen. These outdoor cases bear an ergonomic shape and top of the line rubberised all-around grip to prevent drops from happening in the first place. But in the event of a slip-up, you know they’ve got you covered.  

Available at Adidas Online and Amazon.

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