Susie  Lau on Instagram

Susie Lau on Instagram

Herro! I write about fash-un! In partnership w/ @Guerlain for the duration of fashion month

I copy therefore I am... @mauriziocattelan and @gucci stage an ambitious exhibition at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai entitled #TheArtistIsPresent (borrowed from Marina Abramovic s work) The lines between appropriation vs. authenticity, original vs. fake, copying vs. creativity are blurred and thus a group of 30 or so contemporary artists come together to celebrate and probe the value of the act of copying... or reinterpretation, depending on how you see things... There are so many works with a myriad of references and context but the room that surely is the centrepiece is Cattelan s recreation of the Sistine Chapel scaled at one sixth of the original In its Wendy House wooden box form, it becomes intimate and accessible... The connection to @lallo25 s oeuvre at @gucci ? The assertion of the fact that nothing much (in fashion) is wholly original and that a copy of a copy of a copy of an idea then becomes something else entirely... Exhibition on until 16th Dec

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