Ralph Lauren on Instagram

Ralph Lauren on Instagram

Defining modern luxury and timeless style since 1967. . The World of Ralph Lauren: @PoloRalphLauren @RalphLaurenHome @LaurenRalphLauren @ThePoloBar .

"We filmed one scene in which we ran out of the Joyce Theater in Chelsea and they had set up a rain machine, which was just spectacular," says Michael Stephen Shank, who co-stars in the new Ralph Lauren Romance campaign with girlfriend Taylor Hill. . "It felt like a moment you always want to have but are too responsible to because you can t get your clothes ruined or you have to go home. And here, they literally wanted us to play and have fun in the rain!" . Discover more from the women's fragrance at, and read the couple's exclusive interview at . #BelieveInRomance #RalphLaurenRomance #RLMag @taylor_hill @michaelstephenshank

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