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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and I truly believe that learning is about leveraging the strengths and working to improve on weaknesses. I'm not sure aggregate numbers reflect that. I'm not sure these numbers alone reflect the ability to adapt, to show compassion or grit, resilience and initiative; which I suspect are probably better yardsticks of both human growth and professional development. It is silly for me to think that I can effect change on a system with so much mileage; we do have to conform. But I hope that as a parent, I will remind myself always to look at the numbers as mere data points, and focus on the variances between the data points as benchmarks of resilience, interest, work ethic and talent, and not merely intelligence. May these data points serve for me to teach a younger person that I'm responsible for how to learn and grow. Many parents also play the role of employers, bosses and teammates. I do believe that employers have a key role to play in any change that is to come from our education system. A primary end goal of local education has always been to develop us into a workforce of quality for the market, and I hope that more employers embrace a shift away from pure paper qualification to find better fits, and not merely better smarts. Education is a topic that will always be close to mine and everyone else's hearts, and is possibly the most difficult to solve in terms of policy. And I admire those who attempt to voice change and feedback; and I'm happy they try. I think I owe it to the next generation to share my view.

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