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大概两年前 当我试着在中国的一家星巴克点咖啡时 我才意识到我的华语能力需要更多进步 今天我想教大家怎么用华语点你最喜欢的咖啡 虽然这听起来有点无聊 但那时学会这些词语的确对提高我的华语能力有帮助 由此可见 学习华语 我们需要做的 就是从现在开始 About two years ago, the moment I realized that my Chinese skills needed a lot of work, that was when I tried to order coffee at a Starbucks in China. Here's a little lesson in the hope that you're better equipped the next time you need to order coffee in Chinese. It probably sounds silly I know, but learning these terms back then was an actual step into improving my language skills. It goes to show that all you need to do is to start! Just curious, when did

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