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Hi, @emmabracy here. If you ve recently watched or heard about Surviving R. Kelly then you might be feeling like me sad, angry, and generally fucked up. I wrote a piece that I hope will help: After thinking a lot about the fact that the only reason this doc and movements like #MeToo and #MuteRKelly even exist is because of WOC coming together, I produced a story with my colleagues @just.another.hazard, @simedarjackson, @beerbottles_chainsaws and @blackbeaarthur that engages in the praxis of holding space. If you ve ever wondered how to combat loneliness and isolation in the face of fear that you ll be misunderstood or hurt by those to whom we turn for support, this piece is for you. If you re seeking a corner of the internet where you can be seen and heard, this piece is for you. If you want to connect, this piece is for you. If you want to learn how to support us, this piece is for you. Black and brown girls, survivors, allies, friends this piece is for you. Have you seen the doc? What did you think? Have you found the space you need to process since its release? Meet me in the comments here or on the site via link in bio to discuss. I love you, Emma.

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