J o e   G r e e r on Instagram

J o e G r e e r on Instagram

brooklyn // @ioestreet // @leicacamerausa

it s been almost a month since i turned 30 when i was india and never had a chance to thank everyone for the kind words. love. dm s. texts. calls. etc. i have some of the best friends and people around me and it s so weird leaving a decade. the last month i ve been able to think about what i did, and didn t do in my 20 s. what i accomplished, and didn t accomplish. the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of my 20 s. i am so thankful to be alive. to be married to the most incredible woman i ve ever encountered or ever will. to live in the best city in the world. ugh i could go on. my 30s will be the best decade yet. i promise. new heights in my marriage. new heights in my friendships. new heights in my career. Thank you God, for giving me another day and for putting such beautiful people in my life. let s get this bread fam // photo by @bram.vandermark on #120film

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