ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

SINGAPORE singaporean. friend of @tagheuer. constantly living the next adventure on my travel bucket list. visited 51 countries, 132 cities.

3/3: one of the most hypnotic pieces of art at the @monamuseum - BIT.FALL by german artist #JuliusPopp. (scroll for video) . the words you see are generated by a computer program, based on a statistical algorithm. the program filters relevant terms from the current stream of news on the internet, and transmits all that to the control unit of BIT.FALL. in a split second, BIT. FALL releases hundreds of water drops at specific intervals, creating a waterfall of words. each drop of water thus becomes a liquid and transient pixel or bit , the smallest unit of information. . love how the artist used a mixed medium of science and art to convey an expression that cannot be more relevant in these fastpaced information-overloaded times we re living in. i stood here for a damn long time taking in the magnitude of this 2-story installation in literal and figurative ways. . #rozzinaustralia #tasmania #hobart #MONAmuseum #bitfall #discovertasmania . .

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