ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

BALI frequent flyer. used to be a radio DJ. still a music junkie. on mission to tick off my bucket list. set foot in 47 countries, 115 cities.

best papaya salad ive ever had at stall owned by ho chi minh city s green papaya lady , a female street vendor who became famous when she was featured on @lukenguyencooks tv show. the only instructions leading to the famous green papaya lady s street stall were its on Hai Ba Trung in District 1, just past Dien Bien Phu Street. . shredded green papaya adorned with beef liver jerky, peanuts and crispy toasted sheets of prawn crackers, dressed in a simple drizzle of something spicy savoury sweet. the stall owner s super tight-lipped about her recipe and understandably so. enjoyed this whilst sitting on a plastic mat under a tree in the park across the street. boomz! . #rozzeats #rozzinvietnam #hochiminhcity #greenpapayalady . .

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