ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

SINGAPORE singaporean. frequent flyer. once a radio DJ, now on a solo journey to tick off my travel bucket list. visited 50 countries, 129 cities.

finally got to check out the latest kid on the sumiyaki (charcoal grilled) block that all my trusted foodies were raving about. been there 5 times in the last 7 weeks - @dineshb. . @jinjosg is a modern japanese sumiyaki restaurant by the les amis group. my personal favourites: the ankimo (monkfish liver) - so good i ordered another one, yaki goma (sesame paste) tofu was super shiok, grilled chicken wings were so addictive i recommend at least 3 sticks per person, garlic grilled in skin, cold octopus in vinegar, cold udon, and for dessert the warabi mochi. restaurant is casual and we didnt order any alcohol, bill came up to 100 per person but i felt it was super worth it cuz you cant put a price on happiness. . #rozzeats #jinjosg #sumiyaki #canoneosm6 . .

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