ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

ROSALYN LEE on Instagram

SINGAPORE singaporean. friend of @tagheuer. constantly living the next adventure on my travel bucket list. visited 51 countries, 132 cities.

bhutan holds a special place in my heart because it healed me in so many ways. . i spent 6 days in bhutan filming an episode for @channelnewsasia s Luxe Asia series. i hung out with bhutanese film stars and socialites, found myself doing an actual cover shoot for the september issue of bhutan s top fashion magazine, hiked a lot, did yoga (and enjoyed it!?), stuffed my face with dope bhutanese food, and made so many new friends it didnt feel like work at all! . the one experience i vibed with the most was when i was filming the meditation treatment at the @amankoraparo. i didnt believe in meditation so i wanted to get it over and done with... but despite every fibre of my being wanting to resist the session, i found myself flowing instead. it resulted in a much-needed release in the form of tears that streamed down my face... i felt so much lighter afterwards. . the episode for bhutan, aptly titled finding happiness is showing tomorrow on CNA at 830pm. or if you cant be arsed to wait, watch it online via link in my bio. . big love to my bhutanese fam for being a part of this. yall know who you are! . #CNAluxeasia #channelnewsasia #rozzinbhutan . .

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