Claire-Louise Jedrek on Instagram

Claire-Louise Jedrek on Instagram

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@lifebeyondgrades This PSLE score meant everything to my family, something that hasn t been spoken about since. - We arrived in Singapore in 1994 after the economic downtown in UK and my parents had to rebuild their lives here, while I was on a student pass to study here. I knew from a young age that my parents would be in limbo about my living situation and in turn theirs if I didn t make it happen in the Singapore education system. It was a lot to shoulder at 12 years old and my parents never knew I overheard all their late night conversations, the immense pressure I felt growing up in Singapore to be one with the crowd and meet up to the law of the lands criteria. I was 30 years old when I knew what I wanted to do and that number above played no real part in any of it . If anything it was GRIT towards the task at hand , the will to keep pushing through life that was more important Who knows if the Academic route could have been a way for me, but I ve always known that my innate fire for sport led me to my undying love of Motorsport . Many don t know that I was put one year down to catch up to the level of the Singapore education, where in UK I would have already graduated to Secondary school. I ve always held sport as a basis of letting go and if my parents hadn t let me own the sport I was in at the time as a way of relief from the sudden change in environment and the stress of being on par education wise, life may have been very different. I now get the meaning of wanting to give your child the world, except I d rather not push any lost ambitions I may of had on to him. There will always be opportunities to live life, because you have to create them, something I will guide Oli along . Yes my score could have provided me opportunities, but my countless mistakes and failures pushed me further up the road to build the foundations of who I am , who I am becoming and one day when I leave this land, who my Son #OliTylerTan will remember me to be. Join us and stand by this truly wonderful initiative #LifeBeyondGrades for change in the way we view what should be a child s strength, we have the power to change the fields that the yardstick lies in.

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