Chiara Ferragni on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni on Instagram

Love fiercely (and don't forget to stop along the way to take photos) Founder of @chiaraferragnicollection, @theblondesalad and @beautybites

2008/2009/2010: the beginning of my whole journey. Those were the years in which I started to experiment with my looks and, more importantly, started taking pics to upload on my Flickr and Lookbook accounts and then, from October 2009, on my personal style blog @theblondesalad Nobody could understand why I wanted to document what I was doing so much, and everybody thought I was pretty crazy in sharing pics of my looks on the Internet. I was always wearing black eyeliner, my hair was a bit of a mess and I was only investing in my first designer bags, while the rest of my looks was all vintage or Zara. Were you already following me back then? If so you deserve a

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