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BELLA KOH on Instagram

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Last day of term 1 for Alessandra, after which, it s a week of school holidays! A month ago, alessandra brought back a painting for us (artwork on right). It was a painting of a tree she did in school. I thought to myself how did she manage to paint that with dots surrounding the entire tree that seem to be almost arranged? She probably had some help from the teacher. A few days later, I was cooking in the kitchen and she asked for her markers and papers. Specifically a red marker, concentrating on her piece quietly. After more than half an hour, she suddenly stood up and passed us her finished artwork(on the left). We were both dumbfounded. Maybe as creatives, me and @dearterence thought her work was pretty outstanding for a 3 year old. The concentration required to even complete that piece? Wow. The shape, form and color was abstract yet bold. Visually eye-catching and expressive. I wish I could read more into her artwork but I shall leave her to give me more surprises as she grows. #slowlife #slowliving #art #parenting #childrensart #alessandrayeung

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