BELLA KOH on Instagram

BELLA KOH on Instagram

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This was my best #bangkok trip. After Alessandra was born, me and the husband had never gone on a trip, just us two. This short trip was really treasured. We did the things we used to love - checking out ingredients at bangkok markets, interesting objects, sipping coffee together under the bangkok heat. Memories long forgotten until you re-experience it. Well, turns out we were pretty much ageing, with little tolerance to the heat, jam and pollution. Felt wise to have made the decision of staying within the hotel this time. Subjecting ourselves to 2-hour sessions of massages each day before promptly heading out to have #healthy food plus plenty of juicing right outside @comoshambhala. I don t think there is any other hotel that can quite deliver this #holistic experience. I felt my entire body relaxed, muscles loosened, anxiety vanished. A gentle reminder to never mistreat ourselves. Never felt so well rested since 2015! #slowlife #slowdown #slowliving #health #wellbeing #selflove #selfcare #thecatneedssleeps #comohotels

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