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The Business of Fashion on Instagram

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Ahead of the annual Victoria s Secret runway show today, BoF asks: why is the lingerie behemoth still selling sex like it was 1999? The show relies upon overworked ideas of conventional idealised beauty straight out of a '90s Maxim magazine centre spread and features uniformly thin models wearing opulent, outrageous showpieces that have often been criticised for cultural insensitivity. The way people think about lingerie has evolved, and new competitors seem to be more attuned to today s cultural reality. Take Aerie or True & Co. for example, which focus on empowerment, comfort and ease. Yet, despite the criticism, Victoria's Secret continues to see healthy growth in markets other than the US, and the company could risk alienating its core American client by swinging too far from its longstanding brand positioning. So how do they maintain market share with legacy shoppers and, at the same time, offer something radically different? That all depends on how long the legacy shopper remains convinced of the message Victoria's Secret is shilling. #victoriassecret #fashion #lingerie : @shutterstock

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