Indie zero-waste beauty brands to know about

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  • 30.06.2021

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To say that the earth is contaminated is an understatement. It is massively polluted, with humans largely to blame thanks to the amount of single-use plastics we utilise. Think about it: The beauty industry alone makes billions of plastic packaging components (i.e. skincare tubes, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick containers, and more) throughout the year.  Said materials then make their way into our oceans, where its presence harms wildlife; damages natural habitats; and the like. Sigh.

That’s not to say that all hope is lost, though. There’s still time to turn things around, as ascertained by the bevy of National Geographic and Netflix documentaries we’ve seen. The first step in this masterplan involves making a switch to zero-waste products, so as to cultivate a circular economy when it comes to beauty. Don’t get the ‘zero’ in zero-waste twisted, though — we should be celebrating progressive and socially conscious labels even if they are not fully waste-free — but, hey, as long as they are moving the needle in the right direction, we say it’s a good thing. We’ve compiled a helpful list of game-changers to add to your shopping cart, below.


This American beauty brand’s pride and joy are its 100% compostable makeup balms comprising blush, highlighters, and more. Each balm is wrapped in paper and packed into boxes made from waste found on the beaches of Bali. Beach clean-up efforts that leads to sustainable usage? What a great combo. Axiology’s lipstick components are made with 50% recycled plastic, but they are working on going fully green.

Kjaer Weis

Founder Kristen Kjaer Weis started this environmentally-conscious brand in 2010 and focused on products that were good for the environment right from the get-go. The compacts, lipsticks, and mascaras are either made of metal, paper, or multi-use plastic designed to withstand the test of time — don’t throw anything away because all you have to do is buy the refills, which comes in cardboard packaging.

Athr Beauty

Crystal lovers, this label is sure to pique your interest. The makeup palettes are not only infused with rare gemstones (diamonds, topaz, amethyst, and more), they are also zero-waste as they come in totally compostable cardboard packaging. In short: You’ll be able to shine bright like a diamond and save the environment with Athr Beauty. No complaints.


Finding the right skincare product for your skin type can be challenging — let alone finding one that is beneficial to the enviroment. Lucky for you, Facetheory ticks all boxes. Its diverse lineup of complexion offerings are housed in amber glass bottles as well as aluminium tubes. And while their caps and bottle stoppers are made of plastic, they are entirely recyclable.


Let’s show some love to Singapore-based skincare brand, Bhuman. The label may only have dropped a single product so far (a plant-based powder to foam cleanser) but their use of bamboo, glass, and aluminium packaging is definitely something worth applauding and investing in. Plus, the product is designed to be unisex — so lads, y’know what to do.


It’s likely that you go through a ton of deodorants thanks to our sweltering climate. Rather than, well, dumping your speed sticks into the trash, we recommend you get in on this Aussie brand that provides 100%  biodegradable stick deodorants and balms that will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple, and smelling fabulous.

We Are Paradoxx

Beyond solid variants, users can also limit their reliance on plastic-bottled shampoos, conditioners, and soaps by looking into goods made of other materials. We Are Paradoxx is an Irish brand that does just that, having just released an entire collection stored in aluminium bottles that doesn’t come equipped with harmful plastic pumps. Nice.


Plastic ain’t the only killer — single-use cotton pads and tissues cause just as much damage to the environment. However, there is a slight issue with reusable tools, especially with regard to their longevity and effectiveness. Thankfully, that’s not an issue you’ll face with LastObject.  The company ensures that all makeup remover pads and swabs are developed to mitigate at least 10 times the environmental footprint of their single-use counterparts without compromising on precision and durability by using only top notch materials.