How to make crispy fried chicken on your own

Guilty pleasures

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There’s comfort in a bowl of nourishing soup and then there’s instant comfort in the greasy form of fried chicken. Of course, with everything in life — it’s possible to enjoy this dish with moderation in mind. This simple pleasure in life can be easily cooked on your own so forget the traditional KFC bucket, and make the crackling dish a tad bit more special with this recipe from Komyuniti @YOTEL Singapore

Note: Make the chicken marinade before working on the cornmeal flour
Serves 2

Chicken cubes: Here’s what you need

300g Fresh Chicken Thigh (cut into 3cm cubes)
4 tbspn Fuy Hong Brand Sriracha sauce
800ml Milk
2 tbspn Apple Cider Vinegar
5g Salt
5g Grounded Black Pepper

Chicken cubes: How to make it

1. Mix all the ingredients together except for the chicken thigh.
2. Marinate the chicken thights in the butermilk marinade and let it sit for at least 24 hours before using.

Cornmeal fried chicken flour: Here’s what you need

300g Cornmeal
100g Flour
300g Potato Flour
2 tbspn Paprika
2 tspn Salt

Cornmeal fried chicken flour: How to make it

1. Mix all the ingredients together and set it aside. 

Cornmeal fried chicken: How to make it

1. Drain out the chicken cubes from the buttermilk marinade.
2. Drench it in the cornmeal fried chicken flour until it is nicely coated.
3. Heat up a pot of oil until 180?C, drop the chicken in and fry it for four minutes.
4. Once it is done, drain it on paper towels and season with sea salt before serving.

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