Watch the Hermès men’s spring/summer 2022 runway show live from Paris

Your digital front row seat

  • 25.06.2021

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There’s no Paris Fashion Week Men’s without French luxury maison Hermès. And for spring/summer 2021, artistic director Véronique Nichanian is set to make a return to the runway, in one of the few live shows this season.

Of all the fashion brands, Hermès has made plenty of headway in the way that its shown both men’s and women’s seasonal fashion collections. The pandemic has forced it to venture out into uncharted seas and Hermès has relatively done well in formulating new ways of introducing what it has for the upcoming seasons.

The Hermès men’s spring/summer 2022 runway show will see a continuation of the collaboration between Nichanian and French director Cyril Teste — one that started two seasons ago. While it’s unknown if the runway show will incorporate a similar live filming and editing process that Teste is known for, we have a hunch that there’s no turning back to the old tried-and-tested for Hermès.

What we can be very certain of is that with everything that the maison is known for, the collection will no doubt be teeming with luxurious leather craftsmanship of the highest degree. And of course, chic proposals for a new season.

Watch the Hermès men’s spring/summer 2022 runway show here as we bring you all the action straight to your very own digital front row seat.

What: Hermès men’s spring/summer 2022 runway show
Where: Paris, France
When: Saturday, 26 June 2021 at 8pm Singapore time