They say nothing is forever. What's built to last eventually crumbles. All
that is man-made and tangible fall short of invincible — lest the Titanic be
unsinkable, or the Berlin Wall an iron curtain. But through the ephemeral, we
discover what is truly eternal: love. Love that's written in the stars and bonded
by blood. Potent, visceral, beyond cognition.

Eternal sartorialist. Consumer of culture. Off-kilter.
Cotton gabardine balloon-sleeve dress with oversized checks, and Chaîne d'ancre game silver necklace and ring, all by HERMÈS.
Chaîne d'ancre game silver earring, by HERMÈS.
Heroes. Young — at heart. Collector of fashion and memories.
On Javier: Cotton poplin polo shirt with contrasted stitching, cotton and linen serge high-waist narrow trousers, calfskin sandals, and silk twill Jeux des Omnibus remix scarf 90, all by HERMÈS.

On Jillian: Cotton high-neck top, denim jeans, and slip-on sneakers, model's own. Silk twill Jeux des Omnibus remix scarf 90, by HERMÈS.

Hermy rocking horse, and Hermy small plush horses, all by HERMÈS.
Maximalist. Minimalist. Finds order in the noise.
Silk and viscose waffle knit jumper with optical stripe, silk jacquard cloqué high-waist trousers with oversized checks, Swift calfskin Medor bracelets, and Epsom calfskin, Sombrero calfskin and Mysore goatskin Kelly Sellier 28 bag (Kellygraphie version), all by HERMÈS.

Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Creative direction: Norman Tan
Styling: Andrea Sim
Hair & makeup: Christian Maranion
Production buyer: Justin Chen
Production assistance: Andy Leow