Feeling restless or isolated at home? Come hang out with the Buro. team and join us for a series of fun activities
No man is an island, and social distancing doesn't mean giving up on interacting with the outside world. Working from home or under strict quarantine orders? Buro. Singapore is here to entertain you during these challenging times. In the upcoming weeks, join our virtual community every Saturday for fun-filled activities that includes home workouts, "live" gigs, masterclasses, roundtable discussions and more.
Everyone is welcome
Travel bans aren't going to stop us from exploring and meeting new people from around the world.
Brought to you Live
From workouts to concerts and masterclasses, each session will be hosted "live".
Enter softly
Please mute your microphone when joining "live" sessions. You may unmute after the session ends to interact with one another.
Open hearts, open minds
Open up, make some friends, be friendly and kind.
Oh, behave!
This should be a safe space for everyone. Please refrain from vulgarities, violence, and other unsavoury behaviour.