Feeling bored? Restless? Isolated? Come hang out with the Buro. team and join us for a series of fun activities
No man is an island, and social distancing doesn't mean giving up on interacting with the outside world. Working from home or under strict quarantine orders (you can do it!)? Buro. Singapore and Buro. Malaysia are here to entertain you all day long during these challenging times. Join our virtual community for a fun-filled schedule that includes home workouts, stand-up comedy, meditation sessions, and "live" gigs where you can get up close and personal with our hosts and personalities.
Everyone is welcome
Travel bans aren't going to stop us from exploring and meeting new people from around the world.
Join us at the Buro. Cafe
Don't be shy! Chat, connect, make some friends. The Buro. Cafe is open 24/7. Hang out here, or head to the other rooms to check out other activities.
Brought to you Live
Besides the Buro. Cafe, you're invited to join our "live" workout, concert, stand-up comedy and meditation sessions.
Enter softly
Please mute your microphone when joining "live" sessions. You may unmute after the session ends to interact with one another.
Open hearts, open minds
Open up, make some friends, be friendly and kind.
Oh, behave!
This should be a safe space for everyone. Please refrain from vulgarities, violence, and other unsavoury behavior.
get social
Social distancing doesn't mean social isolation. Get connected and strike up a conversation with people in the room. Our cafe is open all-day, with a limited capacity of 12 at a time to allow for more interaction between participants.

Open all day
Capacity: Up to 12

Whether you're heading to the office or working from home, get a headstart to your day and your adrenaline running with our fitness hosts.

9.30am with Victoria and Bryan Tay from Boom Singapore (SG)

11.00am with Maggy Wang from Motion Lab (MY)

Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: Up to 12

We can all use a laugh these days. Get a healthy dose of LOL with our stand-up comedians from Singapore and Malaysia.

11.00am with Kuah Jenhan (MY)
6.30pm with Rahat Kapur (SG)

Duration: 15 minutes
Capacity: Up to 50

Is anxiety eating you up? Keep calm and carry on with our wellness experts, even during challenging times like these. The room will be locked when the "live" session begins and we're at full capacity.

4.00pm with Dian Lee (MY)
5.00pm with Christina from Singing Bowl Gallery (SG)

Duration: 30 minutes
Capacity: Up to 12

Music inspires, heals, and soothes the soul. Join in on a special "live" concert as our musicians perform some of their latest songs. Stay on for a short 'Ask Me Anything' session after.

7.30pm by SonaOne (MY)
8.00pm by Narelle Kheng (SG)
8.30pm by Charlie Lim (SG)

Duration: 30 minutes
Capacity: Up to 50