Wild Wild West: Rodeo dresses, eyelet tops, riding boots, leather fringe, and other stylish Southern trademarks trending on the runways

Saddle up

Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

Ain't made for a damsel in distress, the new Western styles can take a tumble in the sand

Giddy-up girls. It's time to crack the horsewhip and journey out of your comfort zone towards the Wild Wild West, where two-tone ranger shirts, metal-tipped ankle boots, prairie dresses and fringed bags await. 

Seen at the runways of Coach, Fendi and Loewe, the trick to avoid Woody from Toy Story allusion is to wear one thematic statement piece at a go. The cool kids will tuck a Western shirt over a turtleneck, buckskin jackets with a floral frocks, snake print bootcut denim with a chiffon blouse. Cartoon references be damned. Venturing further south, a wool-felt hat is sure to turn heads, as will a patent maroon skirt hemmed in lace. Those into a grimmer side of the genre can look to Saint Laurent, where the cowboy shapes of the clothes meet femme fatale toppers.

For the day though, girly works best, by way of satin blouses, sheer eyelet ruffles and silver-buckled belts cinched over colourful patchwork a la Dior. Zero in on subtle details such as sharp 1970s collars, pearlescent buttons, stitching and studding to barter for extra style points. Where accessories are concerned, simple does it; think silver hoops, a couple of gothic rings and silk bolo ties instead of bandanas.

Only then do you have our permission to ride off into the sunset.


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