Tie-dye is making a major comeback in 2020 — here's why

Tie-dye is making a major comeback in 2020 — here's why

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Text: Nicholas Chan

Let's preface this by saying that tie-dye isn't a new trend at all. Just like denim, ankle boots and leopard print, it's a trend that's seemed to transcend time, cycling back every couple of decades to influence the hearts (and sometimes wallets) of impressionable fashion lovers.

Tie-dye in history was first used as a practice and technique across Africa and Asia, with people from China, Japan and India having been documented using this technique to dye clothes as early as the 6th century. But it wasn't 'til much later where it was popularised in the United States in the '60s where it finally blew up.

To date, tie-dye has already had two major moments. The first was in the '60s, where the psychedelic print was associated with the free-spirited and free lovin' nature of the hippies. Events like Woodstock and tie-dye Grateful Dead t-shirts were just some of the things that came to define that part of an era.

And while it continued to thrive in the '70s and '80s, it wasn't until the '90s that the trend blew up again, when grunge and DIY ruled the scene. Surf and skate culture was starting to become mainstream, and with it the tie-dye t-shirts (the baggier the better) they were known to wear.

Fast-forward to 2020, and you can't scroll past TikTok for more than 30 seconds before spotting a teenager in an oversized tie-dye baggy hoodie and matching sweatpants, showing off his or her synchronized dance moves for the world to see. But why has social distancing inspired us to break out the tie-dye?

Firstly, everyone's bored at home. And while making the perfect Dalgona coffee or sourdough bread really isn't as easy as some videos have made it out to be, tie-dying is pretty much idiot proof, and a great way to upcycle some of the pieces you have in your closet.

Secondly, in a time of uncertainty like now, the colours of tie-dye are mostly happy and bright. This acts as a great pick-me-up, even if you're stuck in the house with nothing to do. With many of us spending majority of our time in our homes now, comfort is key, and these home-y tie-dye sweat suits are a great way to feel dressed up without having to actually be, you know, dressed up.

So if tie-dye fashion is calling your name, here are some hoodies that you can snuggle up in.

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