Forget chokers, this is the accessory that will give your style a leg up

Forget chokers, this is the accessory that will give your style a leg up

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Text: Andrea Sim

This quirky accessory is the season's best kept secret

Fashion is a fickle beast. It was just yesterday that chokers were in their heyday, and despite the fact that the MMMbop accessory is still the linchpin of many an It-girl's outfit, with a new season comes the next big thing.

Introducing: Ankle cuffs, the spring 2017 obsession that is sure to glorify feet fetishism. Spotted at Attico — the Italian label by stylish duo Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini — Loewe and need-to-know streetwear named Alyx, they represent three good reasons why we're ditching the choker for a little action you know... down there.

Be it of a chunky, velvet or satin persuasion highlighting your snazzy footwork after dark; an ornamental beauty that's as much a collector's item as a distinctively baroque touch to a glam get up; or a modest but inherently badass addition to a streetwise mash, its beauty lies quite simply in its versatility.

Yes, it's one hell of a head-turner too, but how many accessories out there will let you wear them buckled over fluid straight-leg trousers, snapped over bare legs, or peeking out under the frayed hems of commodious cropped denim? Ankle cuffs are kind of like the woven anklets we donned in the '90s (my favourite came with seashells and alphabet beads, thank you very much), except they are a testament to style and not teenage friendships.

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 Attico satin ankle straps

Attico velvet ankle straps

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