5 summer trends you can adopt from COS' latest collection

5 summer trends you can adopt from COS' latest collection

Handling the heat

Text: Jolene Khor

Because your hot-weather wardrobe deserves more than basic jeans and T-shirts

First impressions.

They don't come around very often, so when they present themselves to us, we like to make them count. That means arriving at an important appointment way early to render void all risks of tardiness. That means running a comb through our dischevelled hair in the morning, though we're already late. That means never leaving it to the eleventh hour to decide what to wear to an event you had to RSVP to. 

Even if the dress code reads "casual" or you're not in the mood for a ball gown, go for quality staples — you never know who you might meet, or (because the world can work in cruel ways) who you run into on your way. It is in this cautionary spirit that we present to you, five easy ways to spruce up your everyday wear without a ton of bells and whistles, à la COS.

For some, it's a Gucci turban. Others flaunt their allegiance with a logomania cap. In summer 2018, the headgear trend du jour is the bucket hat. The classic '90s staple hides a multitude of sins (tangled tresses, unkempt fringe) and makes a statement that is low-key yet of-the-moment.

We never thought we would endorse a pinafore after what we were put through in high school, but COS' drop waist belted design is a class above; its sharp cut reminds us of the smartness of a blazer without the stuffiness. Style with a shirt and tie to hint at your androgyny or a flouncy organza blouse and summer sandals for a feminine twist. 

Though sleeves underwent a major revamp last year, it's no flash in a pan. Salvation (and style) for those still working on their bicep curls, clever leg-of-mutton variants continue to dominate high street, awarding blouses and outerwear further flair and definition. Buro favours COS' inseam ruching for an intriguing quiet understated drama.

A styling trick loved by those in favour of layering, sheer tops allow you to stack on without sweating out. We're looking at you, Balenciaga. Long adapted by women who have worn them on top of bralettes or teased skin under a jacket, it's time for the men to have at it. Tip: pick a typically masculine colour, such as forest green or navy, and pair with a shirt or tee in a lighter shade. Whatever you do, avoid black at all costs, unless you're comfortable with displays of sadomasochism.

True or false: a shirt is a shirt is a shirt. If you answered false, you're going to be alright. Everyone else, read on. Thankfully for us women, there aren't that many rules to follow — the shoulders can be droopy, the sleeves can graze your thumbs, the length can be too long to be tucked in. Especially if your shirt is pleated, you're never meant to tuck it in anyway. Couple up this breezy pleated back pick with a pleated skirt or flared crop trousers. Relaxed doesn't have to be sloppy.

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