The 5 unisex trends from Seoul Fashion Week tipped to blow up this season

The 5 unisex trends from Seoul Fashion Week tipped to blow up this season

Gender bender

Text: Andrea Sim

Collage: Angel Hendrajaya
Image: Seoul Fashion Week

A fall/winter 2017 guide to the Korean trends that will permeate the fashion sphere

Koreans are known for their "couple wear". While most of us shy away from syncing up sartorially, Seoul's stylish echelons embrace wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Been to the trendy city? Chances are you'll recall couples in matching socks and sneakers or bomber jackets and dad caps — their androgynous pickings' one good reason why dressing like your other half comes free of cringe-worthy implications. 

By extension, the runways at Seoul Fashion Week saw synergy in clothing between both genders. The recent combined menswear and womenswear shows in Europe might have made headlines in Western capitals, but many Korean designers have been imprinting their inspirations and leitmotifs on clothing for both sexes right from the get-go.

With that, we've cherry picked five of the best unisex trends to rise from Seoul's fall 2017 circuit, fresh from the latest collections catered to both gamine girls and modern men. Cue: The half-and-half jacket, the headlining waistline of-the-moment, and belts that'll elevate any garden variety bottom from zero to hero. Your lowdown on the K-fashion trendsetter's forthcoming style language, below.   

1. THE JACKET FOR SARTORIALLY SPLIT PERSONALITIESKorean Fashion Designers Blindness, Bourie, Kumann

Are you wearing your outers shrugged off the shoulders for a dose of insouciance? News flash: The Korean designers are already onto the next evolution. Whether it's literally one-half of a bomber harnessed to the body or an asymmetrical blazer rendered in dual colour and print, think of the half-and-half jacket as the doctor's prescription for stylistic split personalities. Swag guaranteed.

Seoul Fashion Designers Moohong, Pushbutton, Charm's

For the sharp suiter, fashion's recent dalliance with time-honoured tailoring is as perplexing as Katy Perry's part-groom part-bride costume in her music video of 'Hot N Cold'. Now trending across the atlantic in an oversized fit, Korean designers have opted for a nifty quick fix to make the jacket feel renewed. Try pinching in at the waist with a belt and folding up the sleeves. Or, take a few inches off them for good measure. The trick is to go slap-happy while styling to get the blazer looking less than perfect. 

3. FOLDOVER WAISTLINES DRAW THE EYEKorean Fashion Designers Pushbutton, Dozoh, Nohke

Wide-leg trousers have come to the fore since the stovepipe variety took a backseat, but trust Korea's fashion elite to rejig the staple with this attention-grabbing element. Best worn above the hip (go higher to elongate the lower body), the foldover waistline takes a loose-fit trouser to the next station. For the classic character, the topstitch dry denim. But daredevils, knock yourself out with the full leather rendition.

4. GO LONG ON THE NEXT BELT INVESTMENT Seoul Fashion Designers Cres. E Dim., Münn, Blindness

Like the elongated shirt sleeve which garnered much applause (muffled though they seem to be), fall 2017's belts have been tweaked to tell a longer story. Whether rendered in canvas or leather, whether thick or thin in width, the new straps add instant oomph to any pared-back outfit. So buckle up and then let the extension hang loose. Better yet, make a maximalistic move by going twofold. Keep eyes peeled below.


Seoul Fashion Week Korean Fashion Designers D-Antidote, Kiok, Münn 
Some might say that a timeless coat is good for the soul but it's this season's so-now Korean persuasion that has us begging for a drastic temperature drop. Depart from the run-of-the-mill scarf once the mercury takes a dip, by styling checked blazers and weatherproof puffers knotted around the neck. To avoid a bout of pneumonia, grab two jackets before heading out the door — one to lop over the shoulders and another, to keep the nape warm.

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