If there's only one pair of heels you're going to buy this season, this should be it

If there's only one pair of heels you're going to buy this season, this should be it

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Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Neous,


Let a standout heel take the wheel. We present six architectural beauties sculpting spring/summer's full-blown obsession

An apology is in order. Here at Buro, we've been riding the high tide of sneaker’s domination in fashion's footwear current. Oh, the comfort. That doable price tag. The joy of amassing an extensive (and indulgent) collection. So had you thought we'd renounced all other forms of footwear, we w0uldn't be suprised but, here's assuring you not. 

Heels — and flats, mules, loafers, sandals... you name it, we've worn them — have always been our stamping ground. And when a buzzy, new kid arrives in town, duty calls to preach it. Stat. Like this gorgeous pair of boots from Céline, or this need-to-know footwear only e-tailer. Today, it's the sentiment that spring/summer 2018's must-have pair is one with sculptural standing.

We have here the Jacquemus persuasion and an up-and-coming British brand Neous, who've both done away with traditional forms of heels this season for an architectural slant. Stilettos have been swapped out for cylinders, block heels superseded by balls (yes, balls). They challenge our perceived anatomy of how footwear is meant to take shape, and will too, likely disrupt the anatomy of one's everyday uniform once sworn into the shoe closet. We present you six options below for that one pair you're pledging loyalty to this season.