Reviewing the 5 best fashion trends from the past and bringing them back

Reviewing the 5 best fashion trends from the past and bringing them back

Making a statement

Text: Karelle Ng

Have you ever put through a list of your favourite fashion trends of all time, only to realise that the ones of the past were so much more loud, bold, and exciting? We need to bring that back! Though today's modern fashion is still stylish in its own way, there's no harm in having some fun with a blast from the past.

Slip dresses

I think we can all agree how stunning these dresses look despite being so simple. Many say Julia Roberts was the first to start this trend as she was constantly showing up in various slip dresses way back in the '90s. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have an exceptionally thin figure to pull this look. Whatever your body size, you should definitely go and get yourself one of these... now! We can all look amazing together.

Flare jeans

Yes, mum jeans look great and all, but what if the cut comes across as too, well, mumsy? Its nice to look prim and smart once in a while. This '70s trend gives a dapper step and is Sofia Vergara's favourite style. So don't take it from me, but surely you'll trust this style queen.

Retro stripes

One of the oldest cloth patterns, wearing stripes historically were a sign of deviance but it's not surprising since stripes are a bold and contrasting pattern. Over the years, stripes have evolved, taking on various silhouettes such as pinstripe or chalk stripes. Regardless, these bright multicoloured lines are the ones you want to look out for in your next online shopping saga.

Halter necks

Originating from the idea of swimsuits and bikinis, halter necks allows for modesty of the chest but exposes the back – the perfect switch-up. And with so many styles encompassing thin or thick straps and crisscrosses, you'll never get bored.

Layering prints, patterns, and colours

This may be an #UnpopularOpinion, but it's starting to feel like everyone's so obsessed with basics and monochromes that we completely threw aside our prints and patterns. Not to mention, colours as well. But just look at the pictures below and you'll know this trend was legit. The possibilities are endless here! The key is to be bold with your choices. As with being creative, you can put almost anything together to make a statement. Though this is a risky one and may take a little practice, the style pay-off is worth it.