Rattan revival: These influencers are (re)selling rattan handbags to us non-believers

Rattan revival: These influencers are (re)selling rattan handbags to us non-believers

Bob and weave

Text: Ryan Sng

Image: Instagram

Don't ask why or where they came from, but rattan handbags have been everywhere lately. Alternately emanating rockabilly or beach bunny vibes, the circular versions landed on our list of the trends that needed to die in 2019, for their lazy ubiquity. From the looks of things, however, sceptics are in for a long wait until they go under once again. In the meantime, we've assembled some influencer-approved styles, that, conceding to the vagaries of fashion, avoid the most unappealingly basic flaws of their genre — just in case you need to attend a beachy hen 'do or something.

Jacquemus's seriously frayed Le Baci tote completed the popstar's kissy-faced portrait.



The Peruvian-Australian actress went for a trendy twofer, with Wicker Wings' boxy belt bag.



Taiwanese media personality Hsu's Anya Hindmarch Neeson tote is sweetly decorated with her name and faux-naif rainbows, which belie her famously pointed wit.



Hawaii-based blogger Elefante's open-weave Kayu picnic basket is ideal for showing off your carefully chosen, oh-so-Konmari purse organisers.



Granted, this fitness guru and former pageant queen's Waiwai carrier belongs to the circular category that we decried in December, but if you're gonna go generic, at least up the ante with fun add-ons like outsized tassels.



Lyle's love for woven bags runs deep, judging by her Instagram feed, but her fringed Kayu bucket stands out most from the lot.